About Irreverent Shirts

Hey everyone, and welcome to Irreverent Shirts.

We try to make shirts that don't suck and that are full of awesome! We like all things, well irreverent: words, women, sex, culture are all best when served with a heaping dose of irreverence.

"Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its one sure defense."

~ Mark Twain

So we wanted to come up with some shirts that expressed our libertine values in sarcasm, sex, kink, popular culture, geekery, double entendres and well a little smut. We also like to curse, a lot.

Our shirts do more than cover your shame. Clothing can be conversation starters, inside jokes, reflections of culture or sub-culture, reflections of personality, mind teasers, prick teasers and so on. So enjoy the site and we hope you'll find a shirt you'll love and enjoy wearing.

While we both fully admit lots of our shirts kinda suck, there is no accounting for taste and our customers do buy some pretty fucked up shit. That being said we do sincerely hope you find something that just tickles your fancy. Granted you might have to wade through lots of sucky shit to find something that interests you.

Whether you make a purchase or not we hope you enjoy perusing our site, looking at some alternative/dirty/kinky shirts and their, at times, rather fucked up descriptions.

It seriously thrills us when you guys order shirts from. We both love the fact that you guys make a choice to purchase one of our creations. And this is doubly confirmed by the fact that the majority of our orders are more than one shirt. I mean when someone orders 3, 4, 5, or 6 shirts it thrills us that we were able to create and assemble shirts that people want to buy. So thanks!!

We also take great delight in being able to serve a slightly underground and undeserved market.


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With much irreverence,

Neal and Will, Proprietors.